Expand your leadership range

David’s Firm, View Advisors, helps you set new personal bests, time and again

Your goals are our goals- for yourself, your team and your organization

We co-create a path with you to achieve your most important objectives and we accompany you along the way. We respect and embrace your experience, what you are great at, your values, beliefs, hopes and concerns. We maintain the utmost discretion because the work we do together conveys advantage in the marketplace and confidentiality matters. We succeed together by helping you achieve your objectives while at the same time experiencing greater clarity and openness, compassion, and curiosity along the way.

Knowing your leadership must relate to your unique context as an operating executive and your personal take on strategy, we incorporate a panoramic view of your business. It’s not just about changing “behaviors.” We dive deep with you to take a systems perspective, identifying opportunities and challenges embedded in the strategy, governance, operating model, organization design and culture of your organization.

We believe there are many paths that can lead to your goals

We streamline your journey by sharing our overarching philosophy on how leaders “move” from one state to another. Underpinning this philosophy, we draw on many frameworks which are grounded in proven behavioral science, cognitive psychology, neuroscience and strategy, as well as our own proprietary intellectual property, to customize an approach that really resonates with you.

Customized services for every individual or team

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For Individuals

One-on-one coaching designed to increase leadership performance and personal fulfillment.

Individual Advisory Enhances:
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-regulation
  • Understanding others
  • Leadership range
  • Effectiveness
  • Intercultural development

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For Teams

A group based coaching program that focuses on driving optimal team effectiveness.

Team Advisory Enhances:
  • Alignment
  • Dynamics
  • Speed and Efficiency
  • Resilience
  • Innovation
  • Intercultural development


Business strategy, organizational transformation, culture design and Board consulting.

Consulting Offers:
  • Assessing CEO’s, senior executives and Board members
  • Board Effectiveness Assessments
  • Pressure testing new strategies
  • Transformation road maps; including post merger integration or divestitures
  • Creating new business culture

80% of our clients are CEOs

Helping leaders successfully navigate their most challenging issues.

David has global experience as a senior-level operating executive, including as CEO of the world’s first digital bank and a top leader at Morgan Stanley, one of the world’s best-run financial institutions. David knows what it’s like to be accountable for transformation and growth. David’s role as a managing partner at Oliver Wyman, one of the leading strategy firms on the planet, differentiates him from other coaches and gives him the perspective to understand leaders’ organizational and industry contexts.

Working with David was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

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Recent Advisory Clients


public semiconductor company


private equity-owned healthcare company


Fortune 50 energy company


one of the largest digital companies in the US


Top 20 global food and beverage company


specialty U.S. food and beverage


private equity-owned specialty insurance company


for-profit subsidiary of major US NPO


US subsidiary of global company based in Japan

Executive Director,

major Latin American NGO

Executive Director,

arts foundation

Executive Director,

research institute


family voting controlled, publicly traded media and entertainment company


iconic environmental advocacy and land trust organization

Chief Digital Officer,

Fortune 50 aviation and aerospace company

Chief Operations Officer,

public energy company

Head of North America

Fortune 500 public company

Private equity fund partners

(multiple mandates, multiple firms)

Professional services practice leaders

(multiple mandates, multiple firms)

High potential executives,

public global Chemicals company (multiple mandates)

High potential executives,

public electronics company (multiple mandates)

Head of Strategy

Fortune 500 public company

CEO and Leadership Team,

global retail company

CEO and Leadership Team,

private equity owned healthcare company

CEO and Executive Committee,

public Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

CEO, Executive Leadership Team and top 100 partners,

leading strategy consulting firm

Board Effectiveness Assessment,

global retail company

CEO and Executive Leadership Team,

private equity-owned enterprise cloud data management company

Board Effectiveness Assessment,

consumer products company

Top 400 people leaders,

$25B market cap FinTech company

Top 60 leaders,

blockchain technology company