David’s Story

David’s Story

My purpose is to help others get clarity and achieve personal growth where and when they most need it. My goal is to not just live my purpose as well as I can every day, but to have a great and balanced life where I develop and cultivate close connections, keep growing as a person, and contribute to my community.

My biggest personal accomplishment is to have had a loving relationship for 26 years with my husband, Douglas, through ups and downs and living in different places around the world.

I love having the opportunity to unleash my creative side through my coaching and writing, painting in acrylic, and cultivating my organic garden and orchard.

I’ve worked on my personal development a lot, and it’s helped me to be a better coach and (I hope) a better human. I meditate every day and regularly attend week-long silent meditation retreats, which helped me to build my concentration and has given me more inner balance.

I care a lot about food, wine and yes, martinis. Douglas is an amazing chef and I’m a decent sommelier. To counterbalance the calories I swim almost every day.

I have a strong commitment to the arts, education and the environment. In addition to sitting on the boards of the New York Foundation for the Arts, the New York Insight Meditation Society, and Scenic Hudson I co-founded the Hudson Eye, a 10-day arts festival in Hudson, New York.